From Cradley Leisure Centre, Colmers Farm, to Birmingham Sports Centre.


Aikido 1



So at the age of fifteen I trained three nights a week at my local club, fascinated with Aikido’s concept and in a matter of years reached First Degree Black Belt. Watching Martial Art films as a teenager was certainly a huge influence.



The Master Class consisted of training with black belts, security guards, bouncers and Police Officers.

I qualified and enjoyed the time I spent with many practitioners from across the country.

Aikiado2Aikido 3

I was 21 at the time.

“Watching Gav take his black belt was incredible,   took down five guys in a few seconds”


Learning Bass (Part 1)


AS approached me for bass lessons and has recently tried the electric guitar.  Recently he has passed his grade and felt ready to share his playing.

I have intended to learn the bass guitar since I was a teenager but never

had the patience nor self-discipline to begin in any realistic sense. In

July 2014 I walked into an independent retail outlet and bought an amp,

lead and a crimson & black bass guitar, making a commitment to myself to

then finding a guitar teacher.

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Autism Don’t Panic

Autism Don’t Panic


In March 2011 a student by the name of Christopher Hampton  founder of ‘Autism Don’t Panic’, performed a piece of music to the class that he had practiced on his own ready to be recorded with his partner.

The recording involves Chris and his friend playing together as the rest of class contributed.

I’m extremely proud of Chris for his hard work learning to play the Guitar in the short time he has studied it.  He is already considering his next musical project


Achieving guitar with hearing loss

Achieving guitar with hearing loss

With hearing difficulties learning an instrument can have implications.   But with time and practice mastering chords can done.  My student proves it.

Gav’s course has helped him immensely because learners sit round a table so eye contact is level. I’ve noticed that Simon has looked across to other learners whilst enjoying strumming his chords which shows he is developing his communication skills for bonding, communicating, and socialising, this is still quite new to him in this particular surrounding on the guitar course. Perhaps possibilities were otherwise limited in other situations outside of taught sessions.  Basic social skills have been learned in other voluntary gatherings which Simon enjoys, such as Deaf Club.

In a familiar social setting that he is becoming more comfortable with, he has achieved chord construction, achieving a one finger variation of ‘C’ and ‘G’ chord,  with this he will get better at remembering the three finger version of ‘D’.

He will now start to learn bass in 2016.

SImon Screen shot_Snapseed

Learning Bass pic1_Snapseed

Simon bass picking_Snapseed

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Learning the Guitar

Learning the Guitar

Steve Qualifies in Electric Guitar skills

Steve for website 2012-filteredpost1

In January I sat down with Steve after his lesson with me to find out more about his background.

Here are some words from the interview:

What is your favourite style of Music?

Blues, I’ve always listened to Blues since ’68, John Mayall, Alexis Korner, too many to name.

What got you into the Guitar in the first place?

I’ve always wanted to play Guitar like Peter Green, Martin Barre (Tull), Rory Gallagher, but never got around to it until last year.

What is next for you now?

The next grade and hopefully pass a good grade

What do you get out of playing the Guitar?

Satisfaction and pleasure it keeps you thinking and listening to Music in a different way.

Do you see yourself performing to an audience one day?

Don’t know, not for a while.

Many thanks to Steve for his hard work and time.

Sunday, 7 August 2011