Evening Classes

The Guitar wasn’t built to stay in one room but to be carried to different places to share ideas.

There will be a beginner guitar class in due course. You can register interest in joining whilst they are being managed for social distancing.


Speech MarksGav’s course is, and always has been, superior to other courses attended in the borough. Particularly in terms of his preparation and subject knowledge”         Simon


Speech MarksNo one is left out of Gav’s class, everyone is constantly involved, it’s a great atmosphere too”           – Natasha

These sessions are suitable for all levels of abilities ideal for years 18 and over.

Everyone brings ideas to class on the first week so I can base the course on realistic goals.

For many new students it is common that they would rather work ‘one to one’ and think that they may hold others up.  But I can easily accommodate for that as it is still a good experience for a regular student to teach a new person, we were all there once and can relate to the common problems that occur by giving advice.


Some testimonials from students in this role include:

Speech MarksGavin has an easy manner and puts the information over well”

Speech MarksCourse is brilliantly structured. Don’t change it!”

Speech MarksEnjoy every lesson with Gav, a good tutor makes you feel at ease and Gavin does!”

Tim performs songs learnt from whole group classes.
Star student Tim performs songs that he worked on in class to an audience.
Jay learns new techniques from my class.


Learning new riffs to play in his band.




Ken Harris has entered numerous competitions with his style for song writing and is gifted for creating melodies.

He originally came to the course to develop his awareness of different keys for Music on the Guitar and to work chords out in a particular key. He has also found using different time signatures work with different people of various ability.  The course has given Ken confidence in his own ability helping to improve his Guitar playing/ songwriting.

Click here for his songs