My feet left the ground!! (Blog 6)


BassAt the start of my learning, my apprenticeship, today, my coordination was inexplicably erratic. I couldn’t work at the required pace without some obvious incompetence. Yet, never the judge, Gav reminds me that this is MY learning time and
that through challenge will arise achievement (I paraphrased what he really meant to
say!). I remind myself too that time is space; right now, time isn’t holding the reins. I am!

However, as self confidence re-emerged and competence returned, experience, learning
and enthusiasm slowly began to increase. Acquired sound sequences and patterns rose
to the surface again, like a wave-breaking Nautilus; timing and rhythms we’re
beginning to conjoin, all elements coalescing, with both purpose and tension, towards the tonal stairway to the final climactic C sharp! My feet left the ground!!

Meta-euphorically(C), they have yet to land…!


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Performing Live this Saturday (13th of Feb)

Live on the 13th February 2016 at Somers Sports and Social Club in Halesowen.  2 Grange Hill.

“Emelye’s voice has such range she can move effortlessly between the varied musical styles in the set. With great chemistry between them and skilful involvement of the audience, an evening with Gav and Emelye is memorable, fun and unique. Highly recommended.”                A  Petford

Gav EmSource: Gav and Emelye