Learning Bass (Part 1)


AS approached me for bass lessons and has recently tried the electric guitar.  Recently he has passed his grade and felt ready to share his playing.

I have intended to learn the bass guitar since I was a teenager but never

had the patience nor self-discipline to begin in any realistic sense. In

July 2014 I walked into an independent retail outlet and bought an amp,

lead and a crimson & black bass guitar, making a commitment to myself to

then finding a guitar teacher.

I knew Gavin as a colleague at our mutual college and asked him to teach me

the rudiments of playing the bass. Over the last 18 months I have acquired

much more than basic skills and knowledge. I was determined that my

learning should have a target which Gavin advised me would be the

Preliminary Grade Exam which I subsequently passed with a Merit last

August. Furthermore, thanks to Gavin’s experience, flexibility and sincere

encouragement, I have gained knowledge of scales, keys and arpeggios, basic

musical notation (on the instrument and written on the stave) and have

developed the ability to transfer these skills to the six-string electric

guitar and the keyboard.

As such, I derive great pleasure not only from replicating and reproducing

familiar and famous musical themes across the three instruments but also

learning rhythmic timings and techniques, tablature reading and

interpretation as well as using my new confidence to play solo,

accompaniments and even discover great pieces and themes from legendary

music and musicians from The Police and Paul Simon from Led Zeppelin to the

late David Bowie.

It is my intention to progress further and increase my “repertoire” as well

as to attempt the Stage One examination on the bass guitar in July 2016.

With Gavin’s challenging and cheerful motivation, I have little doubt that

further accomplishments are forthcoming as will be my enjoyment in learning

and playing music for the first time in my life.

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Coutersy of AS

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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