Gavin Crump is a guitar teacher based in the West Midlands (UK) with over ten years experience of classroom teaching and one-to-one.


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Gav plays live in Wordsley August 2016

Recent Comments:

“Gav’s guitar playing was absolutely awesome; it made my night!!!”

“He played like a man possessed, his guitar was smokin’!”

“His performance was fantastic, I could’ve listened to him play on his own all night.”

24 June

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Organiser: “Gavin Crump and his learners rockin’ it large.  An evening of unparalleled entertainment!!”

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Tuition recognised and awarded by:

  • Worcester
  • DMBC
  • City & Guilds
  • RGT
  • West London (formerly TVU)

I have taught guitar skills on behalf of Fender courtesy of RGT.   

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Question Mark_2...I have finally took the plunge and joined a band thanks to your expert tuition.”

Phillip-Cover Up


 “I Never thought I’d join a Rock band…

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Anyone in the Midlands looking to get private #guitar #tuition in the West Midlands area? Check out Gavin Crump @Guitargav…

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If anyone ever wanted to learn guitar you must check out@GuitarGav

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@GuitarGav #warning you will become #addicted
A massive shout out to mentor @Guitargav, you are ace!!!

“You are a major influence, mentor, and part of my hobby and learning journey. I’ve Learned loads”              Andrew


Question Mark_2Hey Gav,  can’t thank you enough…”                       Pete J

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Learning curve of the century.”



Read the in-depth blog of my student’s experience here.








petewilliamsGav you should teach guitar, I think you’ll be really good at it.”        2001

Pete Williams of Dexys Midnight Runners








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