As a young boy at the time Gary Moore and Eric Clapton were always on television. I was very interested and idolised their playing.

I picked up the Guitar at the age of 12, when two relatives provided me with life long tools that would encourage my lead technique and rhythm skills.  As a left handed person I was still figuring out which way was most comfortable to hold the instrument.

Originally The Shadows music was given to me,  shortly after Elvis Presley hits and The Eagles were brought to my attention.

By practising every day and eventually rehearsing for live shows at school and college, I became more familiar with how full songs are structured for other people to sing.

At College I heard about a local professional band called The Blues Giants featuring Mike Hatton and Steve Ajao.  They gave me the opportunity to perform with them in Birmingham where I played rhythm Guitar and lead for a solo.

The Blues Giants

Whilst learning the Guitar, steady Bass Blues lines were also appealing so I began learning the Bass and moved across from Blues, rock to funk.

A couple of years later friends and relatives heard about my playing so I began giving one to one lessons.

After college, in 2003 a job opportunity came to my attention:

‘Guitar Tutor for Adult Education’

Things were about to change…

Now tutoring many different people of all ages with different backgrounds and abilities, I can recommend practice routines to suit your pace ready for each session.

Also in recent years professional Guitarists have asked for my advice on techniques. I taught Jay rhythm and lead guitar skills to play at his gigs,  originally I sat with him on a one to basis before he learned in whole group class ready to demonstrate his newly acquired skills.

Biography 2


“Here’s a guitar solo Gav taught me”

  James Drew


To boost musical awareness for my students I involve professional players in my routines,  such acts have crafted their own style through years of practice where the basics are second nature.

My teaching style has always been fun, friendly and approachable. I can provide you with ideas to increase your ability and listen to what you want to do.


Shame you’re not in the area, I’m being taught by Guitargav and it’s going really well#getthebug