AS Bass Recording (Journal part 4)


This bass recording shows steady co-ordination, timing, and clarity of notes played over drums, and a synthesiser.      A huge accomplishment in the short amount of time he has learnt to play.

He has a recognised qualification in bass playing which has also been achieved prior to this.

Courtesy of AS for the sample, listen to what can be achieved with practice.

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A Cycle for Exercise

Lots of pop songs are in a certain key take a look at how it works.

A lot to take in at first I’m sure, I reckon what ever music you’ve listened to connects with this:


I can help you get you’re head around it.


Try these out:

  1. The note that is a perfect fifth higher than F
  2. The number of half steps in a perfect Fifth
  3. The note that is a fourth higher than F.
  4. It would be “madness”, but if there were a key with 9 sharps, what o’clock would it be?
  5. At what o’clock is the key with 4 flats?
  6. What o’clock represents a fifth up from D flat?
  7. If a key has sharps, what is the first sharp?
  8. In the key of B major, what is the last sharp you have added?
  9. What is the first flat that appears in a key with flats?
  10. What is the seventh sharp that is added in a key with 7 sharps?
  11. There are 4 flats. What key is it?
  12. There are 4 flats. What is the last flat?
  13. At what o’clock is the relative minor key for G major?
  14. What is the relative major key for the key of A minor?
  15. A minor key has the same number of sharps or flats as its relative major key. What minor key has only 1 sharp?

Chords In The Key Of F Sharp and G Flat Major

Probably the busiest key with all six sharps,  barre chords are needed throughout unless a capo is used.


Source: Chords In The Key Of F Sharp