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Gav’s Music Night March 2016

-My 10th year running mic nights-

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Gav and Ben


I’ve LOVED tonight.”                                            Kim

“Thanks for a fantastic night you even got simon tapping the table to the rythm well done to all your students, done a great job.”                                 Denise

“I can’t WAIT to perform on the next one!”    Tom 

“Just brilliant.”                                                            Phil

“The Irish song was OUTSTANDING, wow.”     Craig

“It has helped him loads to have an interest. We all enjoyed it.”       Anon.

“I loved it.  Very bluesy.”          Cormac.

“Wow……………. LOVE the riffs and soloooooing and celtic / thin lizzy stuff.”       David


“You sent be back to my childhood with ‘Rocky Road’.”  Dennis

Source: Gav and Emelye

A Cycle for Exercise

Lots of pop songs are in a certain key take a look at how it works.

A lot to take in at first I’m sure, I reckon what ever music you’ve listened to connects with this:


I can help you get you’re head around it.


Try these out:

  1. The note that is a perfect fifth higher than F
  2. The number of half steps in a perfect Fifth
  3. The note that is a fourth higher than F.
  4. It would be “madness”, but if there were a key with 9 sharps, what o’clock would it be?
  5. At what o’clock is the key with 4 flats?
  6. What o’clock represents a fifth up from D flat?
  7. If a key has sharps, what is the first sharp?
  8. In the key of B major, what is the last sharp you have added?
  9. What is the first flat that appears in a key with flats?
  10. What is the seventh sharp that is added in a key with 7 sharps?
  11. There are 4 flats. What key is it?
  12. There are 4 flats. What is the last flat?
  13. At what o’clock is the relative minor key for G major?
  14. What is the relative major key for the key of A minor?
  15. A minor key has the same number of sharps or flats as its relative major key. What minor key has only 1 sharp?

Eric Clapton auctions guitars for charity

British rock guitarist Eric Clapton sells more than 70 of his instruments at a charity auction in New York, raising more than $2.15m.

Source: Eric Clapton auctions guitars for charity – BBC News

Eric Clapton to sell off guitars for Crossroads Centre

Rock star Eric Clapton is to sell off part of his extensive guitar collection to raise money for his rehab clinic.

Source: Eric Clapton to sell off guitars for Crossroads Centre – BBC News